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About Turnaround Solutions

Turnaround Solutions and its management entity, Arrow Senior Living Management, LLC have developed some of the senior living industry’s best practices. Whether managing senior living communities or assisting troubled properties in drastic and exciting turnarounds in performance, our experience with communities nationwide ensures a team of experts with first-hand experience in meeting the diverse and unique needs of a property and its community.

Turnaround Solutions is a senior housing consulting company. We provide onsite marketing and management consultation driven by passion and years of hands-on experience.


Senior housing communities can struggle with low occupancy due to several issues, including both marketing and operational. Through onsite, personalized attention on our clients and communities, we reverse negative trends such as unhappy employees and bored residents and ensure goals from employee morale to occupancy numbers are achieved.

Our understanding comes from years of experience, observation and creative problem-solving. Every facet of our approach has been dictated by the lessons learned from turning around struggling properties. We have learned that it’s not just about refining existing (or introducing new) services and activities, but it’s about a change of culture through passionate innovation and positive life enrichment.

5 W’s Method™

Turnaround Solutions has developed the 5 W’s Method™, providing needed structure but also allowing for a personalized, flexible approach to each community’s needs. The 5 W’s Method™, goes so far above and beyond in both knowledge and application of what your average senior community marketing teams know and practice, that even the lowest-performing communities reveal a complete turnaround.

Turnaround Solutions also manages senior communities directly through entity Arrow Senior Living Management, so the knowledge we bring to others’ properties not only ensure quick turnaround of a troubled asset, but plans for sustainability. For more information on our management company, please visit Arrow Senior Living’s website.

Through our marketing, management, training, research and design services, we guarantee every facet of your operations is performing optimally.

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Turnaround Solutions for Senior Housing serves and employs individuals of all faiths, regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age or handicap, except as limited by state and federal law.